LizaTech ( primarily focuses on the LizaCam series of hidden IP Cameras, as well as rebranding our iPM brands for online sellers. The LizaCam series features the revolutionary Bluetooth Speaker Hidden IP Camera, as well as the USB Plug camera (in white!). Constantly pushing the envelope of what our team can do, LizaTech is at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

We are always innovating, creating, and growing, and would love to work with all kinds of customers!

About Us

CAY Trading Inc. is the parent company of iPM and LizaTech. iPM ( is a growing innovative technology company focusing on IP Cameras, Hidden IP Cameras, Smart Doorbells, Apple Watch Accessories, Action Cameras and more! With our exclusive designs, iPM focuses on quality, integrity, innovation, style and affordability. Our motto is to make something we would use. iPM is currently sold in most leading retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Staples, Home Depot, etc.) and is being manufactured for many of these under private label.